Monday, May 3, 2010

What Does A Diploma In Mathematics Get You?

Does anyone know?
Studying maths in university, joy.
Do you become a mathematician?
But what exactly do you do when you become a mathematician?
This was just a random question I thought of in dance.
I actually don't care, because it doesn't really concern me, I'm not good at maths, and I don't think I ever will be, sorry all mathematicians out there.

You know what I really want to be when I grow up.
A self centred columnist for a good news paper, like John Grogan, (the guy that Owen Wilson plays in Marley and Me.) That movie is fantastic by the way.
I want to be a columnist because, well so I've been told;
I'm a self sentered, melodramatic, hating, uncaring, rude teenager, and thats what columnist do best.
They write about how how much they hate the stuff they have, 'I hate the T.V brand ...' 'Today I hate my wife and children' 'You know what I hate ... '
That is all they write about, and I'm good at writing about what I hate, and because I'm so self-centred and I need to get over my own problems and care about others for once, I think I'm fit for this job.
I just need to be good at english.

I love John Grogan.
He has his own blog, he writes wonderful books, he's a columnist, and he is just all around awesome. :)
Website/Blog -

Jordan, x.

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