Thursday, May 20, 2010



I'm fading away.
In to my void filled with nothingness.
My life is turing black and white.
I used to have excitement.
But lately it's just the same;
Regret, hurt, worries, intimidation.
Eyes strike through me like daggers.
It is kinda depressing on my behalf.
As I am fading in to my black and white life,
I think I should take this time to tell you my life plan;

Finish school, with an average OP in either Brisbane or Perth, get a job in a fashion shop, become manager of that shop, get all the money I need and move to Melbourne, go in to the music industry or fashion industry, make more money, move to London, live there for I don't know how long with regular holidays to Australia to see family. Then move back to Melbourne when older and stay there for sun, beach and babes.
(L) Perfect Life


Jordan, x.

P.s - You can join me if you want?

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