Friday, May 28, 2010


As I'm just sitting here,
while trying to come to terms with what is happening within my family.
With music is booming down throughout my ears,
Snow Patrol at the moment, Set fire to the third bar, to be precise.
While sitting the same postion I intend too for the next couple hours,
I'm fighting for love, I think, I have already lost.
I'm missing my bestfriend, Taylor Pix, a lot.
Wait. The song changed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, By The Way.
I have no idea what to do,
rjdnao = mixed up Jordan, and not just in the spelling way.
I need to do something,
accept change?
Wait. The song changed, The Kooks, Naive.
This song brings the obvious defination of Naive in to my head,
I love using the word in a sentence.
'Why do you have to be so naive?'
I'm boring I know.

Jade Readman;
You are my wonderwall.
You shine like a star and you can brighten up anyones day.


Jordan, x.

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