Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is me.

You know your kind of inconsiderate Jordan Readman. And no, i'm not too pussy to tell this to your face. I just don't want to upset you, because i fucking care. Unlike you. You're such a fucking dickfuck. How do you sleep at night you using son of a cunt?
- Annoynamous Formspring Message.

I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, annoynamously messaging me over formspring, practically abusing how much of a bad person I am. I know I'm a bad person, I know I'm inconsiderate, but I don't know how the fuck I have used you. I care about the people who care about me, and if you cared about me, I think you would've done something, other then this, to abuse me and we could actually sort something out. But the thing is; what gives you the fucking right to abuse me, to tell me I've used you or someone else, and saying how do I sleep at night? Fucking hell. If you don't actually come to me and sort this out, I will have lost so much respect for you, you wouldn't be my friend anymore. Fuck you. Fuck your life. I don't care about you anymore, and you don't need to care about me. I hope you fall in a drain and break you leg, and never come out.

Jordan, x.

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