Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strength deficiency.

I love speaking my mind, any one does. Not exactly speaking your mind in a rude way, but if something does happen I will tell someone it doesn't work with me. I don't do enough though.I've come to realise it causes arguments, pissed off people and shows the weak from the strong. I am not the strongest with my emotions at all, but I stand tall in what I want.

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Jordan, x.

Be mine.

"and now you're gone, it's like an echo in my head,
and I remember every word you said,
and you never were
and you never will be mine."

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Jordan, x.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Baby you're a firework, come on let your colours burst!"
- Katy Perry.

Don't ever feel like you're not wanted, you will always have you highs and lows, but whenever possible; burst out, show your true colours and live while you can. Act on impulse and show the world up!


But as all fireworks, we all need to come back down to earth, calm ourselves and recreate our thought process.


Everyone needs to have their alone time, and for there rest before they burst again. No matter how long it takes, I'll be here waiting.


Jordan, x.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm considering quitting this challenge,
it's so boring.
I also can't be bothered getting told what to write a blog about.
It's rude.
Haha, I think I will probably just write one when I can be bothered or I'm bored.
Kay thanks bye.

Jordan, x.

Day 12.

My Best Friend


Jade Readman,
best friend.
Probably the only person I could trust with my life.

Jordan, x.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 11.

My Definition of Love; (relationship love).

My thought on love is that it can be either the biggest waste of time, or it can a beautiful, unimaginable feeling you just have, that surrounds you, keeps you awake at night, puts your thoughts in to a mode where you just can't get that certain person off your mind.
I have never experienced it, I don't know what it would be like. But when I see old couples that you know that they have been together for years, you can't help but just think, I hope I will be like that one day; in love with one person, that you can't get sick of, that you don't want to leave there eye sight and you never want them to leave your side.

I think the best thing about falling in love with someone, as they fall in love with you is that you know they love you back.

It's a word that shouldn't be thrown around and attacked with force, the delicacy of love is a wonder. It should be simple, beautiful and all around goodness.

Define ; Love - beauty of two human beings that make an amazing, invisible atmosphere, between the them. (L)

Jordan, x.

Day 10.

My Dreams

The dreams I have, are not just my minds creativity/mental insanity mixing together to freak me out, but some of them actually happen. I know that may just sound completely stupid, but it's crazy, because I think I swear I have seen this before, and it's not deja vu.

They are sometimes wonderful, they are sometimes horrible, they give me ideas, they break me down, they keep me awake, they make me want too sleep, just too see one of my own insanity at it's best.

I love dreaming. It puts me in a world where anything can happen. I control my dreams, I believe in dream theory and stuff. It is rather crazy. But I love it.
What happens in my dreams, I can't describe. That is why I love them so much.
I have no difference between a nightmare or a normal dream, they are all mixed in to one.

If something does go wrong, I wake up and say, it was just a dream, and slowly with the solitude and darkness I am in, slowly decrease back down to the deep sleeping stage, preparing to dream once again.

It's that one figment of my imagination, I want too come true.

Jordan, x.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 9.

My Favourite Birthday

Favourite birthday aye.
I've had fourteen, my fifteenth is tomorrow.
When I was little, when people sang happy birthday to me, I cried because I was too shy.
I hated peoples eyes on me.
I have loved all of my birthdays, I wish I could remember my first, second, third and fourth.
I like my birthday, but I like my family's and good friends more.

Jordan, x.

Day 8.

My Favourite Memory

I don't really know.
I have many favourite memories, doing many different things.
I love Christmas, with my entire family.
As Christmas should do, it brings us all together.
Cheesy I know. But still, I love it. I always will.

Jordan, x.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 7.

My Goals.

Yes, goals...
I think I have one certain goal;
to live a long and happy life, without the thought of others affecting what I think and do.

Jordan, x.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 6.

My Favourite Place

My favourite place. I would be somewhere new every time.
I like exploring.
Probably somewhere I can be alone.. Solitude is bliss. All I need is an iPod, a exercise book to write in and a bit of sun but windy at the same time.
A park, the beach, a lake, a river, a dam.
Somewhere nice.


Jordan, x.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5.

Yes I may of missed a couple of days of doing this,
but I'm still doing it!

My Day

My day was uneventful, it pissed down with rain. Nobody was really at school, everyone decided to go to the ekka.. fun. I had History first, it was bludge. Then first break. Then drama, it was fun, Siobhan and I played on the laptops and filmed videos of us singing a song from 'Bratz' and us dancing around. 'Diva what, diva who, diva where, that's me!'. Procrastination. Then I had dance, we polished our dance piece up, and filmed our video draft. I was in so much pain and covered bruises I couldn't do the good floor sections properly. It was annoying. Then it was lunch time. Then I had maths. It was good, we barely did anything because no one was there. We learnt about business percentages, my favourite, they seriously are, I love business maths. It's easy. Then it was home time! I walked home with my best friend, in the rain and ate lollipops. It was good because I hadn't seen her in like a week. I got home, chilled, stretched so my back wouldn't hurt. Ate. Msn. Facebook. Twitter. Daily Booth. (L) wonderful.
In conclusion; to sum up my day it was BLUDGE.

Jordan, x.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 4.

The Siblings

Abi Readman, 19.
Jade Readman, 17.

They are wonderful. They help me with everything possible. They have taught me how to become a mature 14 year old, soon to be 15, and how to realise a good person. They are practically my best friends. (L)

Jordan, x.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3.

My Parents

Mum ; Carol Ann Readman. Best cook in the world, currently a nurse.
Dad ; Andrew Michael Readman. He still spikes his hair up at the age of 43. Currently a house instillation inspector.

I love them. :)

Jordan, x.

Day 2.

My first love. Laugh Out Loud.

My first love was the very first Minstrel(English chocolate pod type thing)I ever ate. I love them.
It was amazing, crispy, light chocolate on the out side and creamy, amazing chocolate on the inside.
They amaze me. Get them for my birthday in 15 days okay?
One day I might love someone as much as I love Galaxy Chocolate Minstrels. (L)


Cutest food ever to be created. (L)
Jordan, x.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1.

Introduce myself; Rokay!

Hey. I'm Jordan, and I like to party. I'm fifteen. Year 10. Single. Pom. Lived in Perth, now in Brisbane. Creativity is my thing. Dance. Drama. Writing. I edit photo's and I love music. I don't have a specific taste in it, but I love indie/rock genre's. I wear cardigans, shoes with holes in them and a very special striped jumper. I'd like life if we didn't have to wear pants. I'm starting to become the stereotypical kid now that everyone wears cardigans and beanies, I don't enjoy it. But hey! It's the only type of clothing that actually suits. When I can see myself in the mirror, I will play with my hair until I think it's right. I don't like sports, I'm highly uncoordinated and I will annoy you until you feel like killing yourself. I wish I could do a lot of things which I know I will never do. People don't like me. I tell the truth too much. "If you can't handle the truth you will never make it in the modelling industry." - ANTM. I love Lady Gaga. I am a little monster. I forever will be. I will keep my Pokerface on while in a LoveGame when there's nothing else I can say. Make me laugh and I will love you forever. Do me wrong, you will lose me.
Read my other posts, they might interest you.

Jordan, x.

hey hey new challenger has arrived.

30 Days.

Day 1. Introduce Yourself.

Day 2. Your First Love.

Day 3. Your Parents.

Day 4. Your Siblings.

Day 5. Your Day.

Day 6. Your favourite Place.

Day 7. Your Goals.

Day 8. Your Favourite Memory.

Day 9. Your Favourite Birthday.

Day 10. Your Dreams.

Day 11. Your Definition of Love.

Day 12. Your Best Friend.

Day 13. Your Beliefs.

Day 14. Your Fears.

Day 15. Your First Kiss.

Day 16. A Moment in Time.

Day 17. What You Wore Today.

Day 18. What’s In Your Bag.

Day 19. A First.

Day 20. This Week.

Day 21. Something That You Miss.

Day 22. A Moment In Time.

Day 23. What You Ate Today.

Day 24. What You Wore Today.

Day 25. This Month.

Day 26. Something that Upsets You.

Day 27. Soemthing That Makes You Feel Better.

Day 28. What Makes You Cry.

Day 29. Something You Regret.

Day 30. One Last Moment In Time.

I took this off Tumblr, but because Tumblr licks hairy ball sack, I'm going to do it on my blog. Blogger, the best of them all.. :)

Jordan, x.