Friday, April 30, 2010


Respect, what is respect?

No one knows.
I think as a society, our respect for the world, for nature, for other human beings, for blacks, for white, for asians, for indians and every other culture has gone and jumped off a bridge, and I doubt that it will come back for a very, very long time.
Terrorism and wars have played a big part in this loss of respect.
You see someone who is from Indian ethnicity you will be like 'oh that guy has a bomb' and laugh about it, no offence guys but I think that is really fucken disrespectful, but as the hiporcritical person I am, I would probably laugh with them. But just in the public, you see a group of Asians, you will automatically say something about it. Even in local society, respect has gone out the window for teenagers, as well as respect for adults and seniors.

The reason I'm saying all of this stuff is;
Please, just respect someones decisions, and if they debatable, have a civilised debate about it, not an arguement.

Disrepect someone, they will disrespect you back, don't forget that.

I know I'm not the nicest person ever, but I will speak the truth. So, just be civil, don't cause stuff, be respectful and presentable.

I'm not being a preacher, saying respect your elders or anything like that, but no one likes a disrespectful kid, being a little shit and fucking around, it just pisses some people off.

One exception; If someone is rude to you, you don't have to be rude back, just don't treat them as you normally would with someone(with respect). I'm sick of fights between my female friends, and it just fucks me off. Just, either be civil with them, you don't have to be their friend, or be friends with them. Please.

What I mean by respect is, not seeing by the persons every need, but just be nice and smile and say hi. Don't be a douche and pretend there not there.

I know this blog probably made no sense, and I don't care, I'm bored on a Friday night, and what do you expect me to do, play scrabble? I dont think so.

Jordan, x.

The floor is shaking in this Disco Heaven.

I don't really know what to say.
I just feel like writing, like the melodramatic person I am.
Sorry for being so melodramatic, and wasting your time with reading pointless sorry notes to people who don't even care about it.
But I like it.
I'm not a pen and paper type of guy,
I don't know what type of guy I am lately.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I get nervous walking up through the area's in the school.
The intimidating eyes of the older students stare right through me, or so it seems like they do.
Even walking through my area I get a little imtimidated.
I hate those guys who think there cool, and call me a 'faggot', I wish they would all just leave the school, they are not wanted there, by teachers, by students, they don't offer anything to the school except its bad reputation.
I've been told, time and time again, 'oh there just jealous of what you accomplish' 'they will get know where in life if they be like are' BLAH BLAH FUCKEN BLAH. I don't care if they don't get anywhere in life, I honestly don't care if they do, but they certantly not jealous, who would be jealous of me, insecure, bullied, 'lame', 'faggoty', Jordan Readman. I hate them all.
I know parents say 'don't let them get to you' 'tell them to go away' blah, but how can they not fucking get to me, they taunt me, they say shit about me, and soon I will crack and say shit to them, and you know the outcome of that, I will get fucking bashed. So I have to control myself.
Yet again, I hate them all.
But I think they are the insecure ones, they have so many problems in there life they don't want to share, they decide to make fun of others, I know I may sound like a primary school student, but I know it's true.


Yeah, I don't know what to write now.
I hate people.

Jordan, x.

Siobhan Lewis, how I love you.

shibanga says:
i kinda imagine the taser looking kinda the a lifesaver, and just like being a ninja except the lifesaver would taser people.

jord; genius playlists are quite genius. says:
Hahaha a lifesaver ?
like the lolly ?

shibanga says:
no , i mean like starwars, are they called lifesavers?

jord; genius playlists are quite genius. says:
shibanga says:
this conversation is going in a myspace bulliten

We were talking about going to the Justin Bieber concert with a taser, and tasering all these chicks who got in the way, unfortunatley Siobhan doesn't know starwars, or even common knowledge too well.

Love you Shibanga. (L)


You need it you get it you got it,
and then when you got it you won’t even want it.
I been down this road every sign just says stop it,
but like an obsession can’t keep myself off it.

- Mr Mysterious.
- Vanessa Amorosi.

It sounds cool on the song.

Jordan, x.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bring me flowers, and talk for hours.

I have a couple of special friends at the moment, who I think are just wonderful.
But this is dedicated to my very special Homegirl.

We were at a gatho, and you were tipsy when we met. We went through the night fighting over a champaigne bottle saying, 'Champaigne is not for little boys!'. Cleaning pasta sauce off your perfect, slappable ass was the highlight of my night;). We talked on msn, and came up with the names Homeboy and Homegirl for eachother, and we went on from there.

You told me your rules for when you are drinking and showed me how awesome of a writer you are. You helped with my school work and called me your 'bubba boy'. We argue about how young I am and how old you are, and which of us is cuter then the other. You made a playlist named after me with all the music I've sent you, and named your fish's Chester Homeboy and Issac Homegirl. R.I.P Chester Homeboy(L).

We take the best pictures together, and we've been told we would make beautiful babies. You are the most halarious tipsy person and I couldn't care less if you get your slut on, because I will join you. Just don't break your rules. You never run out of things to talk about and my face apparently lights up when I see you and I smile like a douchebag. Haha.

Stefanie Tremble.
You are creative, smart, funny, a good as dancer, a literal thinker(whatever that means), and best of all, the cutest person I have met. Don't let anyone ever take those qualities from you, but if anyone tries to change you, I will stab them in the face. I'm so glad we became friends and I really hope we are friends throughout school and onwards. You are pure awesomeness. ♥

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

♥ you.
Jordan, x.
P.S; You rock, don't ever change.
P.P.S; Five minutes. ;) ♥

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lady fuckking Gaga ! (L)


I love Lady Gaga.
I reckon she is actually a Rolemodel.
Be Different.
Do what you want.
Keep your Pokerface on in tight situations.
Be So Happy You Could Die.
Dance In The Dark.
Keep your Fashion sense original.
Want people's Bad Romance
Don't give into Paper Gangsta's.
Be Beautiful and Dirty Rich.
Stay in Disco Heaven.
And most of all,
Be Wonderful.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Don't think too much just bust that stick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

Jordan, x.
Cherry cherry boom booom.


Friend One.
I miss you, I can't wait to see you. We had so much in common, and we still do. We will forever be bestfriends, and I could never, ever, forget you. (L)

Friend Two.
Halarious. Trustworthy. Helpful. From 2008 to a lifetime of happy memories. (L)

Friend Three.
You can lie, you can be a bitch to people you wanna be, you left, we became good friends. I'm not affected by what you do, and I don't care. 'your a vindictive little bitch, truth be told'. (L)

Friend Four.
I can come to you for anything, and I could trust you with my life. (L)

Friend Five.
We have our up's and down's, but I really hope our friendship doesn't end like this. Please, don't let. You will always be my bestfriend. (L)

Friend Six.
You did amaze me. We need to build to that again. Please. (L)

Friend Seven.
All you've done is help. Sorry. (L)

Friend Eight.
You bitch, you cry, you are wonderful. (L)

Friend Nine.
Cute. Cute. Cute. (L)

Friend Ten.
Bright blonde extensions, make-up, you are the opposite to 'scene kids', your laugh makes me laugh, (L).

Stay with me forever. (L)

Jordan, x.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear certain people.


sorry im not perfect

sorry im not true
sorry im not happy
sorry im not you
sorry im not there
sorry im not that extraordinary
sorry im just ordinary
sorry im outspoken
sorry i dont share
sorry i dont need you
sorry im never there
sorry im not comfortable
sorry your not the same
sorry that i changed
sorry im not game
sorry im here
sorry i wont be gone
sorry you dont care for me
sorry im in the wrong
sorry for what i did
sorry im just running away from it all
sorry im not me anymore
i know you don't care for me anymore
but i will be forever sorry.
Just Sorry.

If your one of the people who this is too, and you read it, I think you will know it's to you.

Jordan, x.

Sorry. Im serious.

Im sorry if I'm acting like such a prick lately,
and it affects you.
Bad things happen.
I KNOW that they SHOULDN'T get to ME like this.
But, eh, it just does.


Jordan, x.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ignore what I had here before.
I wasn't okay about everything.

Jordan, x.



Kesha Quote.

I'm sick and tired of hearing all about my life,

from other bitches with all of your lies,

wrapped up so tight.

So maybe you should shut your mouth,

Shut your mouth,

Shut your fucking mouth.

- Ke$ha.

:) Agreeing with quote, completely.

Jordan, x.

I miss;

I miss being younger,
I miss being treated like I'm 7,
I miss England,
I even miss Perth,
I miss the snow,
I miss my small home town,
I miss frost,
I miss snow,
I miss the beach,
I miss my bestfriend,
I miss being innocent,
I miss people taking time out of there day to talk to me,
I miss my normal knee(never dislocate your knee cap, ever),
I miss doing stuff without a care,
I miss being known as a normal student,
I miss dancing,
I miss people not caring what I do,
I miss people not caring what I say,
I miss how people were in grade 8,
I miss not being known for being the scummy grade,
I miss not being known as 'gay dancer' of my grade,
I miss not having my friends influence by drugs,
I miss not having alcohol,
I miss not caring about the way I look,
I miss everything about being young,
I miss it when people would say there seeing a movie this weekend, not having a drinking session,
I miss when the only thing on a guys mind wasn't 'pwning' some chick on the weekend,
I miss it when going to the park was a normal activity,
I miss my parents not suspecting I'm gunna have sex with my female friends,
I miss swearing being dangerous,
I miss my old gaming consoles,
I miss when people didnt want to get suspended,
I miss it when facebook, myspace and msn were not peoples lives,
I miss people saying 'never doing drugs'
In the end;
I miss my old life,
I miss my old friends,
I miss not having a care,
I miss being young,
but most of all,
I miss me.

Jordan, x.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fray(L)


The Fray is an American four-piece piano-rock band from Denver, Colorado Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, the band achieved mainstream success with the release of their debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005, which was certified double platinum. The band released their second self-titled album in 2009. The album debuted at number-one on the Billboard charts and was certified gold in the United States, Australia and Canada.

In both albums, the band focus there songs most on life's problems and issues. Common themes include troubled relationships, growing up, the problem of evil, war and happiness. The honest and emotional nature of the lyrics has also had critics labeling The Fray as emo, comparing them to mainstream emo acts like 'Jimmy Eat World' and 'Something Corporate'.

Recommended - syndicate, trust me, she is, heartless(kanye west cover), vienna.
they are truely amazing.

jordan, x.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i dont want to feel like this anymore,
i dont want anything anymore.
i'm falling in to a black hole,
so i can feel nothing.
i did have feelings,
they are going to leave me now.
i just wanna go to that black hole
and stay there forever.
i dont know when i will be okay.
i dont know if i ever will be.
i just want my soul to leave me now,
no soul, means no feelings.
how did this happen,
i dont know.
i just wanna,


Regina Spektor(L)


Regina Spektor was born in Moscow, USSR in 1980 to a musical family. Her father, Ilya Spektor, is a photographer and amateur violinist. Her mother, Bella Spektor, was a music professor in a Russian college of music and now teaches at a public elementary school in Mount Vernon, New York.

Check her stuff out, she's amazing.
Recommended - Samson, Us, Hero.

jordan, x.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silhoutte - Birds of Tokyo(L)

Show me what it means
we're all dying to know
do i take a hit to the heart
should i let bleeding words weep
silhouette a perfect scene
flavour of the month is not that new to me
and you can always be never to far from me
always on the same page
im not sure we are
always on the same page
there goes my baby
she's gotta know
she's gotta know
that when the red lights on theres no one at home
pick and pull apart
leaving me split at the seams
im saying if you want blood
you'll never get a drop out of me
what is it you don't understand
showing no proof in your plans
now baby this pain won't end
and this heartache still rises
always on the same page
im not sure we are
always on the same page
there goes my baby
she's gotta know
she's gotta know
that when the red lights on theres no one at home.

Highlighting random parts of songs, which i like
jordan, x.