Saturday, May 22, 2010

Instead of 'But', put 'However'...

As we go on throughout our human being life,
our dogs go throughout their K-9 life.
Also, as life supposedly moves in poetry, in rhythms and in syphonies and the good times and memories and we should all stop and breathe and stare at the scenery,
I am sitting at home, in my trackies and large tshirt from Factorie, waiting for my dad to finish hanging out washing so we can start watching a movie and writing randomised thoughts that suddenly come to my head.
As indecisive people cannot make up their mind what they are doing, decisive people are sticking to one decision and one only and do not think of any of change.
As politicians are coming out of the closet of their sexuality, the news is being nosey and getting more and more into their private lives and what they do; I kinda like how the news actually does that. No offence politicians privacy matters.
After the movie 'Casino Royale' was released, their was a huge reaction of the female public audience about how James Bond is suposedly not sexist anymore, but soon after 'Quantum of Solace' was released they were severly let down in that though. Sorry feminists of the world.
I'm going to add more to this list when I can be bothered.

I've come to think;
I really should do something interesting for a change,
any suggestions?


jordan, x.

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