Friday, April 30, 2010


Respect, what is respect?

No one knows.
I think as a society, our respect for the world, for nature, for other human beings, for blacks, for white, for asians, for indians and every other culture has gone and jumped off a bridge, and I doubt that it will come back for a very, very long time.
Terrorism and wars have played a big part in this loss of respect.
You see someone who is from Indian ethnicity you will be like 'oh that guy has a bomb' and laugh about it, no offence guys but I think that is really fucken disrespectful, but as the hiporcritical person I am, I would probably laugh with them. But just in the public, you see a group of Asians, you will automatically say something about it. Even in local society, respect has gone out the window for teenagers, as well as respect for adults and seniors.

The reason I'm saying all of this stuff is;
Please, just respect someones decisions, and if they debatable, have a civilised debate about it, not an arguement.

Disrepect someone, they will disrespect you back, don't forget that.

I know I'm not the nicest person ever, but I will speak the truth. So, just be civil, don't cause stuff, be respectful and presentable.

I'm not being a preacher, saying respect your elders or anything like that, but no one likes a disrespectful kid, being a little shit and fucking around, it just pisses some people off.

One exception; If someone is rude to you, you don't have to be rude back, just don't treat them as you normally would with someone(with respect). I'm sick of fights between my female friends, and it just fucks me off. Just, either be civil with them, you don't have to be their friend, or be friends with them. Please.

What I mean by respect is, not seeing by the persons every need, but just be nice and smile and say hi. Don't be a douche and pretend there not there.

I know this blog probably made no sense, and I don't care, I'm bored on a Friday night, and what do you expect me to do, play scrabble? I dont think so.

Jordan, x.


  1. i agreeee, no one respects anyone anymore and they just try to be cool and win a fight i mean friendship or be mr/ms cool... i mean i saw the coooolest old guy today he had a tiger face painting on hahah xD i went up to him, im like i wish i could be as cool as you when im older, he laughed and yeh (: .. wanna play monopoly instead?

  2. hahaha, yeees. :)
    i love monopoly !

  3. ikr o_o they have this one where you dont have money you have a bank card, ima buy it when im over there so we can play it :D

  4. :0 haha welll ill have it toooo, hahah (: