Monday, August 2, 2010

hey hey new challenger has arrived.

30 Days.

Day 1. Introduce Yourself.

Day 2. Your First Love.

Day 3. Your Parents.

Day 4. Your Siblings.

Day 5. Your Day.

Day 6. Your favourite Place.

Day 7. Your Goals.

Day 8. Your Favourite Memory.

Day 9. Your Favourite Birthday.

Day 10. Your Dreams.

Day 11. Your Definition of Love.

Day 12. Your Best Friend.

Day 13. Your Beliefs.

Day 14. Your Fears.

Day 15. Your First Kiss.

Day 16. A Moment in Time.

Day 17. What You Wore Today.

Day 18. What’s In Your Bag.

Day 19. A First.

Day 20. This Week.

Day 21. Something That You Miss.

Day 22. A Moment In Time.

Day 23. What You Ate Today.

Day 24. What You Wore Today.

Day 25. This Month.

Day 26. Something that Upsets You.

Day 27. Soemthing That Makes You Feel Better.

Day 28. What Makes You Cry.

Day 29. Something You Regret.

Day 30. One Last Moment In Time.

I took this off Tumblr, but because Tumblr licks hairy ball sack, I'm going to do it on my blog. Blogger, the best of them all.. :)

Jordan, x.

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