Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 11.

My Definition of Love; (relationship love).

My thought on love is that it can be either the biggest waste of time, or it can a beautiful, unimaginable feeling you just have, that surrounds you, keeps you awake at night, puts your thoughts in to a mode where you just can't get that certain person off your mind.
I have never experienced it, I don't know what it would be like. But when I see old couples that you know that they have been together for years, you can't help but just think, I hope I will be like that one day; in love with one person, that you can't get sick of, that you don't want to leave there eye sight and you never want them to leave your side.

I think the best thing about falling in love with someone, as they fall in love with you is that you know they love you back.

It's a word that shouldn't be thrown around and attacked with force, the delicacy of love is a wonder. It should be simple, beautiful and all around goodness.

Define ; Love - beauty of two human beings that make an amazing, invisible atmosphere, between the them. (L)

Jordan, x.

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