Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5.

Yes I may of missed a couple of days of doing this,
but I'm still doing it!

My Day

My day was uneventful, it pissed down with rain. Nobody was really at school, everyone decided to go to the ekka.. fun. I had History first, it was bludge. Then first break. Then drama, it was fun, Siobhan and I played on the laptops and filmed videos of us singing a song from 'Bratz' and us dancing around. 'Diva what, diva who, diva where, that's me!'. Procrastination. Then I had dance, we polished our dance piece up, and filmed our video draft. I was in so much pain and covered bruises I couldn't do the good floor sections properly. It was annoying. Then it was lunch time. Then I had maths. It was good, we barely did anything because no one was there. We learnt about business percentages, my favourite, they seriously are, I love business maths. It's easy. Then it was home time! I walked home with my best friend, in the rain and ate lollipops. It was good because I hadn't seen her in like a week. I got home, chilled, stretched so my back wouldn't hurt. Ate. Msn. Facebook. Twitter. Daily Booth. (L) wonderful.
In conclusion; to sum up my day it was BLUDGE.

Jordan, x.

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