Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1.

Introduce myself; Rokay!

Hey. I'm Jordan, and I like to party. I'm fifteen. Year 10. Single. Pom. Lived in Perth, now in Brisbane. Creativity is my thing. Dance. Drama. Writing. I edit photo's and I love music. I don't have a specific taste in it, but I love indie/rock genre's. I wear cardigans, shoes with holes in them and a very special striped jumper. I'd like life if we didn't have to wear pants. I'm starting to become the stereotypical kid now that everyone wears cardigans and beanies, I don't enjoy it. But hey! It's the only type of clothing that actually suits. When I can see myself in the mirror, I will play with my hair until I think it's right. I don't like sports, I'm highly uncoordinated and I will annoy you until you feel like killing yourself. I wish I could do a lot of things which I know I will never do. People don't like me. I tell the truth too much. "If you can't handle the truth you will never make it in the modelling industry." - ANTM. I love Lady Gaga. I am a little monster. I forever will be. I will keep my Pokerface on while in a LoveGame when there's nothing else I can say. Make me laugh and I will love you forever. Do me wrong, you will lose me.
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Jordan, x.

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