Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 10.

My Dreams

The dreams I have, are not just my minds creativity/mental insanity mixing together to freak me out, but some of them actually happen. I know that may just sound completely stupid, but it's crazy, because I think I swear I have seen this before, and it's not deja vu.

They are sometimes wonderful, they are sometimes horrible, they give me ideas, they break me down, they keep me awake, they make me want too sleep, just too see one of my own insanity at it's best.

I love dreaming. It puts me in a world where anything can happen. I control my dreams, I believe in dream theory and stuff. It is rather crazy. But I love it.
What happens in my dreams, I can't describe. That is why I love them so much.
I have no difference between a nightmare or a normal dream, they are all mixed in to one.

If something does go wrong, I wake up and say, it was just a dream, and slowly with the solitude and darkness I am in, slowly decrease back down to the deep sleeping stage, preparing to dream once again.

It's that one figment of my imagination, I want too come true.

Jordan, x.

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