Saturday, April 24, 2010

I miss;

I miss being younger,
I miss being treated like I'm 7,
I miss England,
I even miss Perth,
I miss the snow,
I miss my small home town,
I miss frost,
I miss snow,
I miss the beach,
I miss my bestfriend,
I miss being innocent,
I miss people taking time out of there day to talk to me,
I miss my normal knee(never dislocate your knee cap, ever),
I miss doing stuff without a care,
I miss being known as a normal student,
I miss dancing,
I miss people not caring what I do,
I miss people not caring what I say,
I miss how people were in grade 8,
I miss not being known for being the scummy grade,
I miss not being known as 'gay dancer' of my grade,
I miss not having my friends influence by drugs,
I miss not having alcohol,
I miss not caring about the way I look,
I miss everything about being young,
I miss it when people would say there seeing a movie this weekend, not having a drinking session,
I miss when the only thing on a guys mind wasn't 'pwning' some chick on the weekend,
I miss it when going to the park was a normal activity,
I miss my parents not suspecting I'm gunna have sex with my female friends,
I miss swearing being dangerous,
I miss my old gaming consoles,
I miss when people didnt want to get suspended,
I miss it when facebook, myspace and msn were not peoples lives,
I miss people saying 'never doing drugs'
In the end;
I miss my old life,
I miss my old friends,
I miss not having a care,
I miss being young,
but most of all,
I miss me.

Jordan, x.

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