Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bring me flowers, and talk for hours.

I have a couple of special friends at the moment, who I think are just wonderful.
But this is dedicated to my very special Homegirl.

We were at a gatho, and you were tipsy when we met. We went through the night fighting over a champaigne bottle saying, 'Champaigne is not for little boys!'. Cleaning pasta sauce off your perfect, slappable ass was the highlight of my night;). We talked on msn, and came up with the names Homeboy and Homegirl for eachother, and we went on from there.

You told me your rules for when you are drinking and showed me how awesome of a writer you are. You helped with my school work and called me your 'bubba boy'. We argue about how young I am and how old you are, and which of us is cuter then the other. You made a playlist named after me with all the music I've sent you, and named your fish's Chester Homeboy and Issac Homegirl. R.I.P Chester Homeboy(L).

We take the best pictures together, and we've been told we would make beautiful babies. You are the most halarious tipsy person and I couldn't care less if you get your slut on, because I will join you. Just don't break your rules. You never run out of things to talk about and my face apparently lights up when I see you and I smile like a douchebag. Haha.

Stefanie Tremble.
You are creative, smart, funny, a good as dancer, a literal thinker(whatever that means), and best of all, the cutest person I have met. Don't let anyone ever take those qualities from you, but if anyone tries to change you, I will stab them in the face. I'm so glad we became friends and I really hope we are friends throughout school and onwards. You are pure awesomeness. ♥

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♥ you.
Jordan, x.
P.S; You rock, don't ever change.
P.P.S; Five minutes. ;) ♥


  1. Stef told me to read this..
    now i see why <3

  2. Hahaha.
    Asif she tells you to read it.