Thursday, June 17, 2010

SOSE Speech

To be honest, a speech on music from the Middle Ages and its rapid change from then to now and the continuance of striving for knowledge from then to now, is pretty much irrelevant and not really going to help me out in future life, unless I get in to a intense conversation about music or knowledge in the Middle Ages. I know this may sound like any teenagers excuse to get out of a speech on a subject they don’t like, but honestly, people in my class, think about it, did this unit of work really help you?

Yes, some of you are interested in the armour and weapons area of this unit, but unfortunately, your not really going to get use those weapons or wear the armour in your lives, unless the world has some huge decline of technology and shuts down all of a sudden and we start living like they did. Why do we want learn about centuries of civilisation, when they died off because of some tuberculosis or some swollen glands, when they threw random accusations of people apparently being witches, getting sick was practically pay back for all your sins even though priests died from the so-called plague and punishment was torturing people like the main character out of the movie series ‘Saw’ would?

It honestly killed me on the inside when I saw the jousting competition shown on the TV’s ‘the 7pm Project’. It killed me on the inside because, we live in the 21st century for a reason, if we wanted to joust, wear silly clothes and dance around to instrumental music like the silly people they looked to be, we wouldn’t have moved on from that time in civilisation. People made the inventions they did to get out of the mentality of living like that. No offence to be people who want to be different, but those people weren’t from the middle Ages, why would they attempt to relive them on an oval with a jousting competition, I don’t want to persuade people to change, but those people should embrace the future, we make these things for a reason, for humans to embrace, then we make better things. My opinion is; that they should get used to the 21st century, because it’s highly doubtful that we will go back to jousting, burning witches and young people dying from flu’s.

In conclusion, the middle ages, were a very, very dark time for everyone and there stupidity.

Thanks for listening.

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