Saturday, June 26, 2010


Once again guys,
end of term holidays are now on!
I have a feeling, that I will ruin my life sort of again..
Term one holidays did.
Yes indeed they did!

So, yeah, safety messages.
Drive safe, don't get too fat, don't hurt yourselves, don't die, don't get eaten by a killer whale, don't get one of your toes chopped off, don't get killed by Freddy Kruger in your dreams and if you're about too, do what the movie says, take all energy from your thoughts of Freddy, it should be sure too get rid of that douchebag. For a couple of years at least. All that jazz!

Also in the holidays;
do something interesting, change your look, tell me something that you do that the social norm wouldn't, live with no strings attached for a while. Come on guys, have a good time, we only live once... Unless you believe in the afterlife and all that stuff.

Love you guys.
Jordan, x.

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