Saturday, July 10, 2010

at least we have our health.

While we're young, we do what we can, make the best of what we have and demonstrate our love like it's running out of fashion. Let us make a syndicate of youth, live free and leave the unimportant misery and heartbreak that surrounds us, behind. Don't leave your youth down in the drains, bring it up! You don't have it for long and it's not going to come back very easily. Enjoy it while you can. Live a life that's meant to be lived, love someone like you've never loved before and if it doesn't work out, love again. Love Happens, Happiness Happens. It comes back. Don't worry. You'll be fine and dandy. There will always be bad times within your life but erase them, like you erase a bad drawing on paper. But when bad times come, Just think;
At Least We Have Our Health.


Jordan, x.

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