Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"It was Woody Allen who once said 90% of success is confidence, and 90% of confidence is drinking. By this logic Charlie Sheen is the most confident man on earth". Confidence is one of the great levellers in society, whether you're a queen, a hobo, a cop, a criminal, an actor, a lawyer, we can all lack it. We all start off without confidence and through life we gain more and more of it and it is a constant struggle to keep it. It can inspire people to do things they normally wouldn’t, and change their lives from that point on.

When you’re in school, confidence is a must. Everyone gets intimidated, but making it look like you’re nervous and intimidated makes it worse, so it makes you an easy target to get picked on. Confidence in schooling is also a good thing so you don’t get swept in to conformity and let people change your opinions of what you think on various topics. Support from friends, family and teachers can help change a person’s life time in what they are doing. I mean I am one of the two male dancers in grade 10, when I was in grade 9 I was the only male dancer in that grade, obviously people would find that humorous, but I got help from friends, family and teachers and now I am proud in what I do. I am not ashamed to say I’m one of the two male dancers in grade 10, Albany Creek State High School. Thanks to the support I got from the people I did, I am more confident in my school environment and I am happy to say that I do what I do.

Come on guys, let’s say, if someone asks you to dance at a wedding, don’t say no, get up there and show the world what you have. If someone asks you to sing karaoke, be confident, have fun with it, and even if you are terrible, people will love you for having a go at it. Have fun with life, don’t let it go to waste. Be confident. Show your brilliance to the world.


  1. wow jordan.
    your so inspiring!
    ahaha ;D


  2. ummm,
    so your a cutie :)
    andddd a really good dancer!
    i'm thinking i should sign off like pedrophilia here sooo